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Important! Attempted fraud: Our bank details have not changed
Dear customers and business associates,

due to current occasion we would like to point out once again, we pointed out to you that spam mails with fraudulent payment requests are currently in circulation. In the meantime, the criminals are also using other channels (e.g. social media) and various e-mail addresses that definitely do not come from FREUND, but look very similar.

This problem, known as e-mail spoofing, is difficult to eliminate. If the attacker finds a mail server with an open SMTP port (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), he can virtually intercept the e-mail traffic with a little criminal energy. Since e-mails are sent from sender to recipient via many mail servers worldwide, the leak is very difficult to detect. The fraudsters particularly interfere with e-mail traffic that contains words such as invoice, payment, bank account or similar in the subject or in the e-mail text. In some cases, injured parties have exchanged several e-mails with the fraudsters instead of with us - without even noticing!

Two examples:
In the last few days/weeks we have received warnings from our customers who were wondering about a questionable request for payment from the sender / In the e-mail, the sender pretended to be a FREUND employee and asked our customer to pay the amount due to us BUT TO ANOTHER bank account using digitally forged letterhead.
Another customer succumbed to such a fraud attempt and paid a six-digit Euro amount to the account of the fraudsters. The money is irretrievably lost.
In the meantime, there are also e-mails in circulation that apparently have a correct FRIEND sender address. The attached documents (FREUND letterhead) have also been forged and a running, current e-mail correspondence has been copied.
Such e-mails are demonstrably not sent via our servers and we have no way of preventing these forgeries.

We can only urge you to be extremely careful and if there is the slightest doubt, contact us via a channel other than e-mail - preferably by telephone.

As the fraudsters' actions are extremely offensive and disturbing, we advise you to be extremely careful at this point:

1. Do not transfer funds to accounts that are not known to you from previous payments
2. FREUND has no new bank account! Please do not react to e-mails that claim such a thing and check the sender
3. Pay only amounts that have been requested by FREUND in advance by invoice or pro forma invoice
4. Do not make any payments without a receipt FREUND employees will never ask you to so
5. Even in the slightest doubt, contact us by telephone. Especially if you are asked by e-mail to change the payment or the payment conditions

At this point we advise you to pay more attention. In particular, inform your employees about this practice and train them intensively.

ou can only protect yourself from this by acting prudently with your own money. Your money which you have paid to criminals is lost! Insurance companies usually do not pay for it. Unfortunately, we must also point out that we as the intended recipient of the payment are not responsible for your damage and reject any requests for compensation!

Our current bank deatils can be found in the imprint of our website.

We ask for your understanding and ask you to take appropriate measures for your own protection.

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